Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy and feeling overwhelmed and scared, wondering what your options are? If so, you may be considering whether you should try an online, or at-home abortion.

While this type of abortion may seem easy, there are several facts and risks you need to be aware of to protect your health and safety.

What is Online Abortion?

Online abortion refers to the purchase of the pills used for a medical abortion through a website and having the pills shipped directly to you. While it may seem easy, a medical abortion is a serious health procedure that requires the supervision of a doctor to help navigate the risks you could encounter.

For example, according to the FDA medical abortion is only recommended in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. If a medical abortion is attempted any later than this time, serious health complications can result.

A medical abortion is also unsafe if you have other health factors to consider, including:

  • If you have an IUD
  • If you may have an ectopic pregnancy
  • If you have certain medical conditions such as bleeding disorders, specific heart or blood vessel diseases, severe liver, kidney, or lung diseases, or uncontrolled seizure disorders.
  • If you take blood-thinning medications
  • If you cannot make follow-ups or have access to emergency care
  • If you have allergies to medications utilized

How Does a Medical Abortion Work?

medical abortion, also referred to as the “abortion pill”, is actually a series of drugs used to end a viable pregnancy.

The first drug you take is called mifepristone, which blocks your body from producing the pregnancy hormone called progesterone. Without progesterone the lining of your uterus thins and causes the embryo to detach.

Once this happens the second drug, misoprostol, is taken. Misoprostol causes your uterus to contract, expelling the embryo from your body through your vagina.

There are known risks to a medical abortion that include:

  • Fever
  • Infection
  • Digestive system discomfort
  • Heavy and prolonged bleeding
  • An ongoing pregnancy (if the procedure doesn’t work)
  • An incomplete abortion, which may need to be followed by a surgical abortion

Get the Facts You Need

Getting all the details about your pregnancy is the first step you should take when considering your options.

That’s where the team at Options Care Center can help, providing you with a no-cost pre-abortion screening.

This screening includes an ultrasound scan to find out important details, like the age, viability, and location of your pregnancy, as well as testing for any STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Ensuring you do not have an STI is an important step before considering an abortion.

In addition to the information you will learn about your pregnancy, our trained staff can also answer all your questions and listen to your concerns, empowering you to make the best decision for your health and future.

Contact us today to schedule your no-cost and confidential appointment, and start getting the answers you need—and deserve.