For Men

Worried? Unsure what to think? Angry?

An unplanned pregnancy can seem daunting and stressful, but deciding the best path forward for you and your partner requires careful reflection and active involvement, rather than non-communication and disengagement. She needs you to stay present and to talk through it together.

First, make sure that your partner is pregnant. Does she have some of the symptoms of pregnancy? Has she taken a test?

Second, before you engage in a conversation with your partner, sit down and try to think about what you’re feeling, and what you need to say to her: Are you upset? Excited but nervous? Are you embarrassed? Are you worried about your financial situation?

Third, and most importantly, listen to her, and speak to her without applying pressure. What is she feeling right now? What is she worried about, and what can you do to look after her best interests?

If you would like to talk about this situation, Options Care Center welcomes you – either alone or with your partner. Options Care Center can provide relationship support and facts about your options – abortion, adoption or parenting.