“I Think I’m Pregnant.”

Four words. Just four little words and your whole world turns upside down. “I think I’m Pregnant.”

An unplanned pregnancy is stressful, not only for her but for you too. Are you worried? Angry? Maybe you’re even a little excited. It’s okay, but deciding the next step is critical for you and your partner.

She needs you to stay present and to talk through it together. Don’t choose to disengage and stop communicating.

Verify The Pregnancy

First, make sure your partner is pregnant. Is her period late? Does she have pregnancy symptoms, or has she taken a home pregnancy test? Get these essential questions answered before you begin planning.

Come with her to an appointment at Options Care Center. We can provide a free pregnancy test to confirm her test results, but a pregnancy test only indicates a possible pregnancy. If the test is positive, we offer a free ultrasound scan.

An ultrasound determines if the pregnancy is viable (growing) or if she has miscarried. It also reveals the pregnancy’s location and how many weeks she’s been pregnant.

Your Opinion matters

If you have verified she is pregnant; it’s time to discuss the options. The last thing you want to say is, “Whatever you decide.” Yes, she will make the final decision, but your thoughts matter. Are you upset? Are you worried about your financial situation?

Share your opinion. No one should have to make this decision alone. Listen to your partner and find out what she is worried about and what you can do to help her.

What not to do

Making threats and manipulating your partner is not the way to handle the situation. Speak to her without applying pressure. You are part of the equation, and you need to take responsibility.

We can help you both

If you want to talk about this situation, Options Care Center welcomes you – alone or with your partner. Options Care Center can provide relationship support and facts about your options – abortion, making an adoption plan, or co-parenting.

Schedule an appointment today.